TradeHarbor’s Voice Signature ServiceSM is simple and cost­effective to implement, yet powerful in its unique features and capabilities. It enables trusted interactions and authentication inter­ operability between companies within industries, between companies across industries, and between companies around the globe.

Since the Voice Signature ServiceSM is provided as Software as a Service, it minimizes capital expenditures, minimizes internal development resource requirements, and boosts the ROI resulting from cost savings and customer acquisition & retention. In these challenging economic times, the cost & ease­of­implementation advantages of the Voice Signature ServiceSM can provide a significant competitive advantage.

The VSS enables an “enroll once, use anywhere” approach to authentication. An enterprise can quickly and inexpensively offer its clients/customers a consistent authentication experience across all of its business units and on any of its platforms (e.g., telephone, web, mobile).

Consumer research has demonstrated that consumers appreciate the convenience of the Voice Signature ServiceSM and they intuitively understand that Voice Signatures are security and privacy protective. They appreciate companies that provide privacy protection. Thus, consumer acquisition and retention is greatly enhanced.

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