TradeCirclex is a web app designed to raise awareness of issues surrounding goal 8 of the Millennium Development Goals (Global Partnership), and in particular, developing countries’ historical access to the markets of developed countries. For the general public, the goal of this application is to encourage exploration of UN Comtrade trade data alongside the World Bank's World Development Indicators. The friendly user interface and colorfully interactive content encourages the novice user to explore. For researchers, it is designed to be used as a tool for early hypothesis development. On the right, is an interactive flow diagram inspired by graphs of genome data by Circos (Circos website). The segments of the outer ring represent countries. The size of each country's segment represents its total trade within the selected cohort (i.e. exports plus imports). A link which is the same color as a country segment represents exports from that country. The primary form of interactivity in this visualization is through rollover states and the ability for the user to refine their search through the selection interface. Users can also move the playhead below the circular graph to see the changes in trade networks over time. On the left, is the legend for the circular graph. This legend becomes a dashboard for the World Bank’s World Development Indicators. Once an indicator has been chosen, provided there is sufficient data, interactive sparklines will be displayed next to their respective country. A user can then click on a sparkline in a year in the range of the circular graph to move the circular graph to that year and highlight the selected country. Future versions will allow trade to be broken down into its components and present a broader array of analytical tools and export options to the user.

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