US export is a Trillion $ industry, with roughly $800+ Billion market share of Organic Food Exports. Surprisingly, the functions of such a large scale industry are still massively manual (pen and paper ordering) between Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors & Retail Stores (mom-n-pop shops).

It is time to not only automate the process but also tackle some other pressing problems like

  • counter the markups by middle-men/distributors
  • reduce turn-around time in fulfilling orders
  • insights into buying behaviors of customers

What it does

A set of responsive web pages for suppliers, distributors and small mom-n-pop shops have been set up to automate the entire flow of information as export/import orders are processed and fulfilled.

  • An intuitive "pool purchasing" option allows smaller retail stores to directly place order with international suppliers, totally bypassing the markups of the local distributors.
  • Finally, analytics on order data provide insights into the purchasing behavior of the end-customers. This plays a critical role in reducing the current time to fulfill orders as suppliers can anticipate demand and pre-stock international ports.

Challenges we ran into

  • Understanding the depth of the problem statement and coming up with a shrink-wrapped solution for the same.
  • Serving the app over HTTPS
  • Using camera to read barcode in a web browser

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Design Thinking session with a probable customer (they have made an offer to purchase our system post the hackathon).
  • Setting up a full-stack solution in 36 hours :)

What we learned

The importance of co-innovation with the end-customer.

What's next for trade-O-bundle

Setup the entire platform to scale well and handle the expected data-loads of international trade.

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