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A new approach to trading education. Communities are part of the future of finance, which is why I believe Wall Street Bets and Crypto Twitter have grown exponentially. I was inspired by the 2018 Cryptocurrency traders such as Cred, KoroushAK, Redxbt, and Bagsy who brought high quality, free trading education to the community.

There are trading games that exist on the App Store with millions of downloads which fail at teaching beginner traders, so I built a better one. With the help of the community, I believe Trade Fighter could help millions of traders and become a mainstream application of Solana NFTs

What it does

Trade Fighter helps beginners learn technical analysis, risk management, and how (not) to use their emotions while trading. The platform offers trading competitions with features such as 1v1s, Tournaments, and Leaderboards using historical cryptocurrency charts.

How we built it

I built Trade Fighter from scratch as a solo developer. As a recent graduate, it's my first major software project. A huge part of the inspiration came from @Trading_Peter, as we somehow found ourselves independently working on the same idea.

Challenges we ran into

Getting people to use a multiplayer game when there are no players does not work. This is the reason I chose to build Tournaments on top of the game- to find my first users and to build monetary incentives into the game. Monetary incentives will either 1) encourage better trading habits, or 2) encourage gambling. I haven't found out what the answer to this is yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Launched the platform as a one-man team and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from KoroushAK's Discord Community!

What we learned

Reaching users is very difficult without a community, which is why partnering with influencers who have already built communities is so important.

What's next for Trade Fighter

My vision for Trade Fighter is to re-invent trading education. I will continue building Trade Fighter in my spare time, but I believe it has so much more potential. My goal is to find advisors, co-founders, and investors make Trade Fighter a tool that eventually helps millions of traders become more profitable.

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