I was inspired by the suffering of people by hunger due to the lockdown. Some are even flouting the stay-indoor directives because of their lack of provision to sustain them in this dire strait, this could even further propagate the spread of the COVID-19.

What it does

Tracus informs people in the community about someone's needs, an interested potential helper then signifies via the platform, the needy then receives the helper's contact to claim the help. The needy then get back to assess the helper by selecting an option in a form sent to his or her inbox. If the help gesture is found by the needy to be a prank, the helper is then warned or banned from Tracus. Once this cycle completes successfully, such request is deleted.

How I built it

PHP website( and Mobile application.

Challenges I ran into

Securing funds and managing time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ability to have successfully built this platform and the phone-gap built mobile application.

What I learned

I learned that most people don't really need much to sustain living but just can't get any.

I also learned that some could go far to a detrimental extent to keep their dignity which is why our service is made in a way that preserves the dignity of the needy.

What's next for Tracus

Releasing Tracus mobile application.

Built With

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