Space, and multiple datasets from companies with geospatial data

What it does

It's a fun arcade game built in Unity. Travel around the galaxy collecting Drones and bring them home to different planets for repair. And avoid space pirates!

How we built it

Downloaded open source city data. Processed data into custom json format with grid-based chunk coordinates in Python. Unity converts json format into game data.

Challenges we ran into

Processing data from geospatial into a Unity game map Game performance optimization to prevent lag/low framerate, mostly focusing on culling & chunk coordinate system Randomly coloring Sprites

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a playable, hopefully enjoyable game with custom art in a little over a day! :)

What we learned

I (Madison) had very little experience with Unity so I learned a lot about applying the game dev concepts I previously knew to the Unity engine, and how to use Unity's admittedly daunting interface.

What's next for Drone Depot

We'd like to add some more visual effects, like animations, rotation of planets, etc., as well as some more challenging enemies and complex game mechanics to make the game more interesting and compelling to play.

Some of our code: Geospatial Data conversion:

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