Acne affects millions of people each year. Teenagers 12-17 years comprised only 36.5% of patients with acne, while patients 18 years or older comprised 61.9%. We found out that there is a direct relationship between acne and depression, not only in young people but also in adults. The probability of developing MDD was 18.5% among patients with acne.

What it does

Therefore, we have decided to target this problem by developing an app that uses computer vision to track the percentage of acne over time. This idea was sparked from a research paper outlining how there is an improvement in mental disorders following treatment of acne, and patients have reported with improved self-body image. Therefore by tracking the acne, patients are able to see if effectiveness of their current treatment. The long term goal for this app is to provide recommendations, based on a large user input data of acne severity and treatment information

How we built it

Using Swift and the facial recognition software inbuilt in apple software.

Challenges we ran into

Getting facial recognition working

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting facial recognition working and developing a small machine learning algorithm in 24 hours.

What we learned

Possible to build an app in 24 hours

What's next for TracNe

Furthering the development of the machine learning component.

Built With

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