Did you observe the exponential rise in online shopping recently, especially with the onset of COVID-19? While you are enjoying the purchases on a click, the shipping companies are busy ensuring that your purchases reach on time.

There are projections that by 2024, the e-commerce market will reach $6.07 trillion USD. According to a reliable source, in 2020 there was rise in online shopping by 31%. This has put a lot of stress on the transportation operations and impacted the climate.

The rise in online shopping has caused a tremendous increase in carbon emission due to movement of good and services across the globe. This has a huge impact on the environment. While online shopping is effortless, it is important for us individuals to keep in check how this is impacting our climate on earth.

What it does

TrackYourCarbonFootprint is a web service application built using Python and streamlit. It performs prediction on carbon emissions using Logistic Regression and Decision Trees Machine Learning libraries. It estimates the carbon footprint based on the shipment, as well as the items you are getting shipped. This solution provides you a chance to introspect your choices for shipping, as well as offers guidance on how to offset the carbon footprint caused by this shipment.

How we built it

I built the tool using a reliable carbon footprint dataset from Kaggle. I calculated the carbon footprint using the formula based on features of shipment like weight of shipment, mode of transport, whether product ordered is refurbished, recyclable, has eco-friendly packaging etc. I also applied Logistic Regression and Decision trees to predict the footprint based on the calculation and past historical data.

Webservice url:

Challenges we ran into

Motivation and data: Finding right dataset to calculate carbon footprint

WebApp: Understanding and its packages

API, Browser extension Have application as browser extension to monitor online shopping through e-commerce sites

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud to build a climate hacks tool that would provide knowledge to individuals on how to offset their carbon footprint, as well as make intelligent choices while online ordering. Also, this project would force us to compare shipping not just based on shipment companies and cost, but also the carbon footprint they create. We need to make a difference to our environment and climate, and we must be dedicated towards it.

What's next for TrackYourCarbonFootprint

I want to create an API or browser extension that can be used while user is creating a shipment on any e-commerce website. This will allow more usage and adoption of my work.

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