We are Techies, Business Consultants and also students who struggle to keep track of time when we work, when we study or when we chill. We work with colleagues, customers & suppliers and we are tired of gifting or wasting time.

What it does

Automated time tracking while any of your devices is up. Writing this into a database and show all collected data with a clear view on the website, desktop app or whatever where you want to have access to your data from.

How WE built it

  • Tracker for Android & Windows (Java, Kotlin & C#)
  • Backend with Java Spring Boot
  • Database with H2
  • Frontend with vue.js & quasar
  • Communication via REST-Api's
  • Docker for Google Cloud

Challenges WE ran into

We tried to use Docker with Google Cloud for our backend, but ran into a lot of configuration and setup issues, so after a while we switched to the Spring Boot Application Framework. Another huge problem we ran into is tracking the activity on Android, as there were a lot of deprecations of relevant APIs and some major changes in how background services work. In the end we got it working with a permanent notification that allows the android app to run with some restrictions in the background. The mix of all those different technologies and programming languages was also quite a challenge.

Accomplishments that WE ARE proud of

  • The TEAM
  • We build trackers for android & windows with languages which are not common for us
  • First time vue.js and quasar
  • our fully working MVP with WebApp, backend and two trackers

What WE learned

  • New programming languages/libraries
  • Time management, thanks to the 24 hours ;)

What's next for Tracky

  • Working for all common platforms
  • Integrate some Apps natively, like Outlook, to not only track the time spent in the application but also subdivided by email receiver.
  • Conforming fully to the data protection and privacy laws
  • Adding and Editing of entries, so that important time spent "offline", like business meetings or conference calls, are also tracked
  • Adding a UI for the Tracker apps
  • Business Model Canvas analysis
  • Rework of code base
  • Optimization of all peoples time

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