1. Inability of vehicle to properly collect garbage from door to door.
  2. Unproper marking of dumping zone in colonies which forces people to throw away garbage on non specified location.

SOLUTION (Under development[ errors in implementation ])::

  1. Building a monitoring system for garbage collector vehicle which includes monitoring through application and web application.
  2. Marking of dump zone for garbage collectors and manual marking of waste disposal sites in localities for people.

TrackTheGarbage ::

It can be used to keep check on the Garbage disposal on a proper dumping ground .

Alternative Use ==>

It's an app to track the load carrying vehicle or the transport material/goods from one place to another .

PPT is here


A web interface for administrators to see a quick overview of all the assets being tracked.


The Android app that resides with each asset to be tracked. Once configured, this app keeps its location synced with Firebase, and reports on other metrics, such as battery life.

Technologies and Sdk used :

  • Android SDK
  • Google Android API
  • Android Studio
  • Google Map API's
  • Maven
  • Json Parser
  • Html,css and JS

Futuristic scope::

This tracking system can further be integrated with smart bins which will inform garbage collecting vehicles about empty and full bins and hence will save time of garbage collecting vehicles.

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