Inspiration πŸ’‘

To ease the teachers from last minute headaches running to complete left off topics, by keeping a track of it we thought of developing a web-application that does the same .

What it does βš™οΈ

Here teachers can create his/her account & add topics of the subject for the session, check off once the topics are taught, upload to-the-point class notes & important questions . This way he/she can keep a track of the syllabus & get rid off from the last minute hustle .

How we built it πŸ› οΈ

  • We used Html, CSS, jQuery, ajax & JavaScript in the frontend and PHP for the backend with MySQL as our database.
  • We have made two different sections for teachers and students. -Teachers can add their subject & automatically the section is designed and inside that they can create topics for that subject .
  • After creating topics the teacher can keep a track of the syllabus , they just have to click the pic of that topic which is completed in the class on uploading it the section turns green . After that no changes can be made to that section. Teachers have rights to create and delete the subject before uploading the topics picture for tracking. -For the students we have another resource section where teacher and student both can contribute for resources such as notes, imp questions, time table etc. Only teachers have rights to create and delete subjects for resources , students can only see or upload the resources for that topic they can't add or delete the topics.

Challenges we ran into ⚠️

-We faced an issue while creating different sections for teachers & students. -Next challenge we faced was while integrating webcam / camera access in our web application. -Another challenge was to put enable & disable constraints differently for admins & users at the same time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of πŸ‘©β€πŸ’ΌπŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

  • We are proud to make this project functional and working to help our teachers in a certain manner.
  • As we have 50% of our team members who ae new to this hackathon and participating for the first time, we are immensely proud of achieving a good team contribution with each of the members having contributed in the project in some way or the other.

What we learned βš“

As a team with 50% new members, we learnt many technologies and had an experience working on it as well. Such as the GitHub and the GitHub pages were something we were introduced for the first time.

UI of the project πŸ’»

Home Screen Login Page
Screenshot (5) Screenshot (6)

Contributions 🀝

Screenshot (8)

What's next for TrackSy πŸ“–

TrackSy is now all set to be teacher's most favored go to application whenever they need to track their curriculum syllabus. In the near future we would also integrate other facilities like attendance tracking or student's performance tracking to make teacher's work even more easier.

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