Why should the Teacher be loitering all around in my programming class to correct programs in each student's laptops?

What it does

We just tried to track the movements and actions of the student and stored it into a database and retrieved it to the Teacher when asked for

How we built it

We followed the client-server architecture where the client has two types, Student and Teacher. For Development, we used NodeJS to set up a server and ExpressJS to implement routes. And for frontend development, we used AngularJS6, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery to set up the client side.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a difficulty in retrieving the data for the scrolls but soon we were able to figure it out. Still, the scroll runs down very slow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to manage to grab the events and actions performed by the user in the webpage and portray it back on the teacher's screen when he/she is logged in.

What's next for TrackStudent

For now, we were able to capture client/student's events like with clicks, scrolls, and navigations. Further, we are thinking of committing parsing of text and math symbols so that the teacher can point out the exact place of error. We are thinking of implementing the live tracking system into TrackStudent so that the error correction could be done in real time.

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