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TrackRunnr was developed by Zac Blanco and Richard Ahn at HackRU in Spring of 2016.

The aim of TrackRunnr is to build a modern, scalable web app for advanced runners to track and log their training. We've built the app from the bottom up using modern web technologies and good software engineering practice.

The backend of TrackRunnr is built on Node.js and Express. The database backend is provided by mongoDB and mongoose. We used EJS for templating. Otherwise known as the MEEN stack.

Here's a list of tech used in the Project

Start Developing TrackRunnr Now

Getting your own copy of TrackRunnr

TrackRunnr is open source! simply execute the git clone to get your own copy.

git clone

Developer Quick-Start Guide

Getting up and running with TrackRunnr on your local machine is simple. Unix is recommended. Windows may require extra configuration.


Once you've got a copy of the repository using git-clone run the following command to install dependencies:

npm install

Now run the tests to make sure that the build works on your system:

npm test

If all the tests pass then your system is ready to begin devlopment! You can now start your own local copy with

npm start

Project Reflection

Richard and I both had very, very little experience when it comes to full-stack development. This entire project has been a learning experience for the both of us. I had never actually built an entire web-application before. I think that over the course of HackRU we've gained a ton of knowledge on best practices for many, many different areas of the technology stack. We've learned best practices in user authentication and user models. We dabbled in some security and encryption. We also learned some of the best ways to build an API with our MEEN stack. Then on top of that we both learned the EJS templating engine for Express and I even had some time to toy around with d3.js

We've both learned that making a modern scalable web application is no easy feat. But I'm proud of what we've achieved in the past 24 hours. Our app is capable of hooking up directly to any MongoDB cluster, and can easily be run behind an nginx loadbalancer. It could instantly scale to at least a few hundred users before we have the possibility of hitting any trouble.

Overall I think this project was a fantastic learning experience for the both of us. We learned from the ground up how to work with a wide variety of technology and apply it to make something that has the potential to be very useful and cool!

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posted an update

While we didn't accomplish everything we set out to, Richard and I got pretty far. Our lack of knowledge combined with all of the progress we made is actually quite satisfying! I definitely think I will work on this in the future. Hopefully adding all of the features that I originally intended to.

You can find TrackRunnr here

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