Inspiration (Community Challenge)

We believe in children's right to enjoy their outdoor activities and trips without any worries of being harmed. We also believe in aleviating the stress that emerges when planning and conducting pedagogic excursions.

What it does

Our app keeps track of children's location that is linked with their teacher using the same app. If children leaves outside fo the radius the teacher has set, both party will be notified and will be guided using Google Map.

How we built it

The language we have chosen is Swift, and we integrated Google Maps API for it's GPS capability, and Firebase database for real time update

Challenges we ran into

The complication of real time database has been difficult to decipher. Google API was also challenging due to it's complicated interfaces. We were also misinformed with PowerPoint required presentation, which divided our manpower to a detriment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our project was more ambitious project than most people would've expected from firist time Hackaton participants, but we did not give up and tackled the immense challenge head on.

What we learned

From this experience, we were able to learn how to integrate Google Maps API, Firebase database, and Swift programming language, which over half of us were unfamiliar with.

What's next for TrackRoute

We hope to clean up some bugs, and integrate Bluetooth technology to cover for it's only weakness of requiring constant internet service.

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