Introductory Text: Have you ever looked at the news about climate change and environmental issues and wondered, “But how can I make a difference? How do I help?” In our opinion, no contribution is too small, especially when there’s almost 8 billion people on the planet who can help. And what can just about anyone do? Pick up litter! Try clicking on a point close to you and see how it looks. Is there a lot of litter? Do you feel like you’d like to contribute to cleanup efforts? Grab a bag, some gloves, and go! Helping the environment is as easy as that. If you wanna show off your good work, take a photo and tag the location so it’ll be added to our map!

Mission statement: Thanks to the help of Google’s Maps and Image Recognition APIs, we take information from public posts, think Facebook, Instagram, online news articles, anything and everything, and we scan these photos for images of places with litter. Once we’ve identified these photos of litter, we take all the information we can from the photographs themselves, the time and date, location, etc, and we compile this information into our constantly updated map. Areas we’ve detected with litter are then visible as points on the map. You can even see the progress of an area!

About the team: Our team consists of 4 first year students, Hassan Mualla, Shab Pompeiano, Nafen Haj Ahmed, Hannah Maltkvist in the Software Engineering and Management Program at Gothenburg University.

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