Some members in a team are less likely to contribute or be engaged. We need some manners to motivate these members. For active members, also need a way to monitor other members commitment. And in some cases, project supervisors need to check the contribution of each member.

What it does

TracKontri is a web app that allows users to keep track of other member's contribution in an easy manner.

How we built it

React as frontend. Firebase serves Authentication and Data storage.

Challenges we ran into

First time hackathon for most team members, communication problems arise sometimes. First time to use Firebase to support the React frontend. Spending much time on technique

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most functionalities have been implemented

What we learned

Technique part: Firebase Communication skills

What's next for TracKontri

More functionalities: Work with Google Doc, GitHub and other collaborative tools to accurately calculate the time duration that the user is working on the project. And record the changes they’ve made as evidences Email notification when others start working on the project, another method of motivation

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