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TrackMyTruck is an IoT system that integrates with the government mandated onboard Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to help companies reduce accidents and increase productivity while improving driver wellbeing.



"Truck drivers are 233% more likely to experience non-fatal injuries than other professions, and in 2018 alone 840 truckers died in the United States. Every year, there are more than 400,000 road accidents involving large vehicles and trucks – that's nearly 1,100 a day.

As the world changes in response to COVID-19 the amount of large trucks on the road and the importance of the trucking industry is increasing exponentially. From increases in packages being shipped during stay at home orders, to the critical role ground freight plays in the transportation of the vaccines, the health and safety of truck drivers is more important than ever.

Our team was inspired by the pivotal role these hard working yet underserved people play in our day to day lives as well as the fight against COVID-19.

We created this product for these hard working blue collar heroes.

The Problem We are Solving

Large corporations rely on their trucking fleet and spend over $10 billion annually on truck maintenance and driver health. Much of this cost is due to truck breakdown and disparities in driver health. Because there is no real-time data to monitor indicators of truck maintenance, companies spend billions of dollars on avoidable costs related to poor driver health, truck breakdowns, and road accidents.

Truck drivers experience high levels of stress at work, often resulting in health issues like hypertension and diabetes that result in them being sidelined from their jobs, contributing to the $10 billion spent each year in operations costs by the freighting industry.

The root causes of this stress include tight delivery schedules, demanding hours and difficulties finding places to eat and sleep while on the road. Our team spoke directly to truckers who told us that not only is workplace stress the biggest contributor to the health problems truckers are facing but also that;

"the biggest thing that would improve the health and welfare of a driver is trying to relieve that stress. Stress does so much to your body, not only to your heart, but every organ. You know, it's a killer.”

The problem we are solving for is trying to help drivers manage the maintenance of their trucks, increase safety on the road and increase truck driver health, wellbeing, and job retention.

TrackMyTruck successfully helps drivers manage the maintenance of their trucks and trips. This will increase safety on the road, as well as increase truck driver health, wellbeing, and job retention. Resulting in reduced operation costs and improved efficiency and productivity for the freighting industry as a whole.



Our team interviewed 10 truck drivers about their day-to-day duties and pain points while driving. We found that truck driver health is a problem that centers on the lack of rest, sleep, exercise, and access to nutritious dietary options. Another pain point that we identified was the inconvenience of planning rest and food breaks on unfamiliar routes.

Fleet Managers

Our team interviewed 3 fleet managers regarding improvements to fleet management. Respondents stated that repairs and maintenance were a huge cost to companies and impact timeliness of deliveries. The health and wellness of the drivers is a direct issue for the fleet managers, as driver health problems can unexpectedly sideline a driver for months at a time. By prioritizing the health of the drivers, we are decreasing company cost paid towards replacements, sick pay, and disability.

Our Innovative Technology

Our team has created a real-time IoT monitoring system using multiple sensors to track real-time truck maintenance data and driver rest break metrics. As well as an integrated navigation system that gives route specific food, gas, repair and parking destination options. We have built a functional prototype of a multi-sensor device that sends metrics to a web dashboard in real-time. With our technology solution, companies with large trucking fleets will be able to save on the costs of reducing truck breakdowns and driver health hazards.

The Trucking Market and Our Business Model

The U.S. trucking market is over $1.1 trillion and is growing 7.1% CAGR. Within this market, fleet management technology spend is approximately $27 billion annually and is growing 10% CAGR. Therefore, the market for our technology solution is large and growing. We have created a business model that leverages subscription recurring revenue. Our revenue streams include:

  1. Monthly IoT Device Leasing Fee to Trucking Companies
  2. Monthly Per User Subscription Fee Trucking Companies
  3. Monthly Recurring Ad Revenue to Partners Such as Gas Stations, Restaurants, and Hotels

Our Team

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Our team is passionate and dedicated about improving the lives of truck drivers and reducing truck breakdown and accidents on the road. We are software engineers and designers that have diverse backgrounds in technology, education, and healthcare.

Megan Casebier

Recent UXUI Graduate from General Assembly, Psychology and Human Behavior graduate from Baylor University, Visual Design enthusiast

Amy Forman

Recent UX Graduate from General Assembly and Integrated Marketing and Communications graduate.

Leanne Frisinger

Full Stack Developer and recent graduate from GA Software Engineering Immersive programme with a background in Education, Design and Visual Arts.

Bianca Gonzalez

Robotics engineer, specialized in computational perception and robotics at Georgia Tech (MS CS) with a background in healthcare, supply chain, and logistics.

Mia Sampson

UX designer with a passion for people and creating fun and meaningful ways to interact with and understand the world

Technology Used


Raspberry Pi Zero, PiCam v1.0, Verizon HotSpot, Ipad Mini on Kiosk Mode

Software Stack

React, GraphQL, NodeJS, MaterialUI, Google Maps API,

Cloud Resources

AWS Amplify, S3, EC2, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, IAM

Computer Vision


Design Tools


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