Imagine you have an event at home and you want to know where are your guests, and also remember them not to arrive late.

What it does

With a simple control panel the host can manage this event and check which guests are coming. When the host requires it, the system sends and SMS to the guests reminding them about the meeting. This SMS activates an Android Service which sends the confirmation and the guests position to the host. That results are shown in a list and also in a map on the web side (host).

How we built it

To achieve this we made :

  • A backend server API in Flask, that also uses the Twilio API to send the SMS.
  • A frontend server in Angular 2, that shows the control panel to the hosts.
  • An Android native Application/Service to send the host the required information.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using Flask and Twilio. We wanted to know how to use them and... It's pretty easy and cool!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making it work in less than 24h. As we are a team of 3, it was a huge amount of work to do, so we divided one develop part for each one in order to work simultaneusly in diferent areas. At the end, all the 'parts' of the application are working fine so we are proud of it!

What we learned

What is it and how does Flask and Twilio work. Improve our skills in Angular and Android and also we learned a little of danish!

What's next for TrackMyGuests

We are... just waiting some company to fund us, because it has a lot of chances to be exploited.

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