This project was developed in November 2022 in the city of Cartagena de Indias on the transcaribe sitm


Being graduated from and working at a higher education institution motivated us to provide solutions to many problems in our town Cartagena and bring it up as an model city equiped with intelligent tech. As a user of the largest public transportation system in Cartagena, our feel is that, as for today, we are lacking of a tool that allows us to know the status of each route in the system. Our challenge is to provide an effective way for users to consciously notify/request information about the status of a specific route.

What it does

SITV simulates an environment where every Transcaribe user consciously shares his/her real time location in the public transportation system map in order to be able to notify to/request from other users about the current status of a vehicle of the system.

How we built it

We created this app considering the increasing interest that top-tech smartphones and fast internet arises nowadays. We decided to develop an app that allows each user to share his/her location in real time while using the public transportation system and post/read notifications about jams, crashes and other system issues that might affect the mobility of users.

Challenges we ran into

One future challenge is to promote sharing accurate and real information so that it can be really useful for users of the public transportation system. It may help determining how long it might take for a vehicle to reach a specific station and how far is it from that point. Furthermore, we look to accurately keep all route markers inside the area covered by a route. We want to promote confidence in the use of this app within locals despite the increasing safety isues we face in Cartagena and promote it also within visitors and tourists.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Definitely, the development of a pretty decent app and going through running tests by ourselves mades us proud. Also, to see how our project has been brought up from scratch and hours of meetings to a fully functioning thing is very exciting.

What we learned

Without any doubt we learned a lot more about how our public transportation works (routes, maps, schedules and much more). We also learned how simple ideas can be applied to positively impact our town, which has above 1 million people.

What's next for SIVT

We are planning to extend SIVT functionalities to every route in Transcaribe. We also expect to take our app to work in other cities in Colombia, making our country a leader in the correct use of tech tools in academy, industry and all other aspects of our society.

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