We are The P3ntagon, a group of Computer Science students from 1st Grade currently studying in FIB, UPC. We have very low experience in the coding world but we tried to accomplish a major objective like improving the Tracking system from Covid-19 epidemic.


Due to the lack of experience and knowledge from the members of the team, we have not been able to finish the project. However, we have set the project base, with a data base and a model of an HTML Front-end.


The database includes different entities like users, medical facilities, types of users. Each identity is related via an ERD as it is shown in the image down below.

The database is meant to be implemented to the HTML webpage through PHP.


The initial idea was to create different profiles for: admin, medical staff, patients, scouts (trackers)... We managed to create what would be an initial start of the webpage from the medical staff.

In this medical page is displayed an indicator in which stage of saturation is currently the system in, the newest results from tests, a to be developed messaging system and a notification button.

There is also the possibility to look for patients if there is the need to monitor manually the user, and some statistics to show the current situation in Catalonia.


The first and most obvious problem was the lack of expertise. Most of the team members did not know how to write a single line of code 6 months ago, and now are facing a major problem, but we kept a good attitude and started to work.

In less than 8 hours, 3 members had to learn how did Databases work with SQL, and the remaining 2 learned the HTML basics and how to implement CSS Frameworks like the one we used called Bootstrap. And so then, we started working.

Another problem we faced was linking tables in SQL, which took a few hours to solve the problem and therefore, delaying the database some time. In the HTML field, we faced a problem trying to edit some characteristics of the elements in CSS, through tons of lines of code.

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