The Tracking My Diabetes (TMD) project vision is to help people with type 2 diabetes better manage their condition by providing them with tools that will make self-management less confusing, less stressful, and less constrained with not only a focus on the physical, but also the mental aspect of self-management. We designed a mobile and tablet-friendly web application to assist with the following domains pertinent to diabetes self-management: 1) nutrition/diet (healthy eating) 2) physical activity (being active); 3) blood glucose (self-monitoring); 4) medications (tracking and adherence); 5) outlook and beliefs; and 6) reducing risks through recommended medical visits and lab testing. Although not a primary focus, the application also addresses weight management and loss.

TMD is the result of multiple user-centered design sessions and offers bi-directional integration with Microsoft HealthVault. While users can enter data directly into TMD, the integration allows the user to use other apps and websites they are already comfortable using but still able to benefit from the feedback and recommendations available in TMD. HealthVault is also integrated with dozens of commercial glucose meters allowing the user to easily upload blood sugar data instead of manually entering it.

Based on available data entered manually or through HealthVault, TMD analyzes, interprets, provides feedback, and makes recommendations bolstered by educational content on diabetes self-management. Feedback and recommendations are focused on lifestyle and the relationships among the various self-care domains.

TMD helps patient’s lower medical costs by providing tools and actionable advice about daily living designed to improve their health and well-being through improved self-management skills and easing the burden associated with managing type-2 diabetes.

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