How people shared (fake) news on coronavirus since the beginning of the outbreak?


Make people realize the amount of fake that are being shared accross social networks.


Twitter team

  • Collected Twitter links shared in subreddits
  • Extracted data from those tweets
  • Made graphs of most active Twitter accounts + most cited countries: displays where virus spread and its intensity
  • Made 2 interaction graphs: users with more RT+mentions; most active retweeters
  • Interactive version of retweeted network:
    • Shows the key role of retweeters in the spread of (mis)information
  • Graph of top 10 most cited countries in tweets
  • Timeline of countries mentions
    • Shows in what extent (fake) news spread corresponds to the virus spread
    • In progress: peaks analysis
  • Listed tweets posted in 3 subreddits: China_flu (controversial), Coronavirus (neutral), COVID-19 (scientific)
  • Generated wordcloud

Reddit team

  • Graph of number of comments on r/Switzerland
    • In progress: peaks analysis: Do they correspond to specific Federal Council politics? Virus spread?
  • Listed links shared in r/Switzerland
    • Gives an indication on what sources can be considered as true for users

Hackathon output (results)

  • Network of Twitter users mentioned in subreddits r/China_flu, r/Coronavirus and r/COVID-19
  • Timeline of countries mentions in tweets
  • Graph of most retweeted+RT tweets + top retweeters
+ 10 more
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