MyCalTracker is an Amazon Alexa based web application that streamlines the calorie counting process.

Here's our whole story:

My group wanted to develop an idea that could reach the masses and provide an efficient, flexible solution to one of the world's many problems.

MyCalTracker does just that. Calorie counters in the past have relied on manually inputting data by hand for an individual to effectively track their daily calories and macros. MyCalTracker works with Amazon Alexa to bring a hands free system that is able to count your daily calories and display them clearly on a front end web application. The online web application will allow you to view your daily macros, calories for the day, and more all in single display.

The app consists of 4 major components. It begins with input from the Amazon Alexa. The alexa has a backend written in JS where the input is matched to one prerecorded by the system and then sent via a get request to our system's database, the 2nd component. The database is backed with a computational layer, the third component, which contains our api calls to an open source food database. The returned json is then stored away into our database available to our front end hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, the fourth and final component, completing the full stack and our application.

The technologies we have available to us are reaching new and limitless bounds. However, we as users often fail to utilize these tech due to the tedious nature that the technologies may entail. MyCalTracker works to prevent the monotonous journey to healthy living. With Amazon Alexa's becoming increasingly more available and constantly evolving such as to include one in your very own car, MyCalTracker will be available to you wherever you go, whenever you go. Our open source, free application will have the ability to create waves of healthy lives in the coming future.

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