We got inspired to form this idea because we wanted to find a way to help the coaches and the players to keep track of their progress and figure out what they need to improve on. We thought it is difficult for the coach to record each player's progress in each sport they played. They also had to record each player's age, weight, and height because those variables can also affect the player's physical ability.

What it does

This website keeps track of each player's statistics(including age, birth, weight, height, resting heart rate, vertical jump height, push-ups, etc.) and then improvement goals(such as doing 40 squats, 26 meters vertical jump, etc.)

How we built it

We built the prototype by using Figma, and then we did the HTML, CSS, and JS on Visual Studio Code. We used Mongoose, MongoDB, EJS, ENV file, Twilio, express.js, and node.js for further coding.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into were implementing CSS file into EJS file, output not appearing on the screen but appearing on console, structuring our folders, hosting the website, and formatting the HTML to look exactly or similar to the prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of the accomplishments we are proud of are actually getting so much stuff done, understanding how to use a database and linking everything together.

What we learned

We learned many things like how to collaborate using MongoDB and mongoose, and how to use EJS.

What's next for Trackeru

Future goals for Trackeru are improving our User Interface, adding more diverse features and sharing our website on more online platforms.

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