We wanted to make our friends pay us back, but in a passive aggressive way, because none of us are aggressive enough to confront our friends in person. And also productivity.

What it does

It keeps a to-do list for you, and also shows your friends' progress. It will also pay back your friends from "debt" you acquire from not completing tasks on time.

How I built it

Meteor/MongoDB, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Facebook API, Git, Photoshop

Challenges I ran into

Learning Meteor at the same time as using it, as well as MongoDB. Setting permissions for the Facebook API and making sure security was secure. We weren't able to use the Venmo API because they wouldn't let us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

You can log in with Facebook and connect with friends, payment (almost) works

What I learned

Meteor is cool, once you get the hang of it. Apply the same sentiment to all of the above.

What's next for TrackerJac

Make it fully functioning.

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