Motivation is a state of mind that nudge you to do well, to be an accomplished person, an achiever, and to always excel in what you do. The work of engineers forms the link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent applications to human and business needs and quality of life. The Basic goal of our team is to do something productive for the country and that's how we get our motivation as well as inspiration.

What it does

The motive of this vehicle is to remove the snow from the surface and treat it with a chemical treatment by using calcium magnesium acetate so that it removes the snow and prevents it from collecting the ice at the same place.

How we built it

For building up the model, we have mainly used Solidwork software. The basic idea was of a truck with a plower in the front. A storage box is fixed behind the plower so that the snow goes to it and is melt by the chemical there inside. Inside the storage was build two holes with a net which will allow the flow of melted ice and will restore the chemicals. The main motto of this design was to restore the chemical. Behind the truck have been added two pipe-like holders where brushes will be fixed to wipe out the holding water.

Challenges we ran into

While coming up with designs we had to consider feasible solutions which fulfilled all our requirements such as being economical, eco-friendly, and sustainable. We went through multiple existing projects and came up with the idea of using the CMA salt solution. While designing our product prototype we had to keep in mind the existing product and the problems associated with it and came up with a very sustainable automated product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design was made by the team and was simulated as well. Teamwork was the best thing we did. At the time, of analysis, we achieved proper results with a minimum displacement. We made little changes to the snowplow and made it simple and strong. Generally, there are two different materials used for snow plow cutting edges: Polyurethane and Steel. Since the steel is less in weight. Urethane glides over frozen gravel. If you desire to keep a base layer of snow on a gravel surface, urethane cutting edges will slide over frozen gravel leaving a thin coating of snow on the surface. Urethane performs best with fresh snow or slush. Steel is rigid.

What we learned

We discovered various new facts about the tracked snow remover which helped us enhance our existing knowledge. While designing the product prototype we learned from our mistakes and came up with the best possible solution and had a very enriching experience.

What's next for Tracked Snow Remover (Team ID:- hf-3)

The next task of ours is to figure the manufacturing process. the prototype building will be the first initial step and instead of production level, we aim to stick with the product level. Know about designing at scale is that the little things really matter. The next thing that we need to understand as a principle is that when we introduce change, we need to do it extraordinarily carefully and the most important part is when this design gets implemented, it helps in the betterment of society.

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