Our inspiration was sparked due to the high real life based application of the system in HAA and our expertise in this region drove us closer to taking this as a Project.

What it does

A compact system to overcome the harsh weather conditions and can operate in relative ease. An attached blower for the removal of loose snow. We have devised a compact vehicle for the same, the tracked system allows to overcome mobility tasks in HAA. We have developed strong roller blades attached to the front side snow plow to break the hard snow that comes in.

How we built it

We did intensive R&D on the topic and came up with the best idea possible that was cost effective, can be assembled in a compact space and use no harmful chemical and made a draft on sheet of paper and did all the calculations required. Then we used CAD software to design and run simulations for our system that we had and made some prototypes till we come up with the most optimum system.

Challenges we ran into

The design complexity in efficiently combining the two systems one for blowing loose snow and creating pathway while the other breaks solidified snow was really hard to deal with it took us many R&D sessions and prototyping and calculations to come up with the best idea possible. We also had to make a custom tracked system that was optimized for HAA conditions and also had enough mobility to take the vehicle even in smallest and steepest places easily.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully managed to come up with a design that can efficiently combine both the systems while ensuring optimized results and have a small footprint.

What we learned

We found different techniques to resolve design complication for better mobility against snow in HAA. Teamwork in better distribution of the work and to come up with efficient solutions quickly.

What's next for Tracked Snow Remover

Our system prototype has been developed on CAD, we plan to manufacture and further optimize it based on the system test analysis.

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