The inspiration for trackam was gotten from the recent stories and fears generated by a serial kidnapper in port harcourt in late 2019

What it does

TrackAm makes it easy for users to know the exact location of loved ones, assets and devices. The app can be used as a people and property monitoring tool. It can also be used to track missing phones and as a notification tool when user is close and/or in the same location as other participants

How we built it

TrackAm was built using tools such as Android studio, Git, Adobe XD, platforms such as Nexmo, Linode, Digital Ocean ,.xyz domain and Flutter as our framework. Our Team is building a security app that would be able to track and monitor movements and whereabouts of participants using their devices GPS and/or other external GPS devices.

Challenges we ran into

Some of us had 9-5 jobs we were into at the time of creating this application; Work time was slashed heavily and even more when power situation is taken into account.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're ultimately happy that we even started working together on this project. Nevertheless, we all ,learnt a lot. Win or not, we appreciate the challenge and the opportunity presented by naijahacks

What we learned

We learnt the importance of team work, corporation and time management

What's next for TrackAm

TrackAm is prepared to be beta tested in the market after this challenge. And if it pushes to be successful, we'd be pushing trackam's freemium app into the market whilst working on more supporting devices to ensure better safety for Nigerian citizens

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