During the pandemic, most of us were looking for ambulances around us, contacting different hospitals, and agents, but didn't know if there was any ambulance around us. So many lives were lost just because of the delay by the ambulances. Such situations are never-ending, but no solution exists so far. Track+ is our solution to deal with the given problem.

What it does

Track+ shows you the ambulances around your location on google maps, similar to how Google Maps shows hospitals, restaurants, etc. Users can directly call the ambulance driver in need and get timely treatment and avoid hazards. Track+ eliminates the middlemen as well as the process of searching ambulances by the patients and saves a lot of time, hence LIVES.

How we built it

We used react to make the front-end of web app. We used Firebase for realtime database of ambulances and Google Maps API for tracking and showing ambulances.

Challenges we ran into

Getting road directions between 2 coordinates

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Serving humanity through our small efforts.

What we learned

Google Maps API, Working with WebGL by Google Maps, Google Firebase, Teamwork

What's next for Track +

Realtime On-Service Ambulance Alerts to other drivers on roads that enables clear path for ambulances, Authentication of ambulance drivers, Android & IOS Applications, Maps SDK

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