Healthy eating is a very common choice but very difficult to keep up, especially on a tight budget. Eating healthy starts in the store, not once you get home. We want to facilitate a better relationship between the store and the customers, where the customers are encouraged to purchase healthy foods and the stores can benefit by retaining customers. We want people to see healthy eating as exciting, attainable, and fun!

What it does

Track Your Snack incentivizes customers to make healthy choices through a fun and interactive interface where they can visualize their goals being achieved as they shop. We want to reward customers for making healthy choices by giving them discounts in their favorite grocery store. Customers can search and select the items as they put them in the cart. The healthier the choices, the more points they get.

The colorful display of the percentage of healthy foods and the reward points system give customers the positive feedback they need to continue living a healthy and sustainable life. Fun facts under every item entry keeps the customer informed and ready to learn more about healthy choices.

How we built it

We used MIT App Inventor to create an Android application with over 5 screen pages and a database to store customer data search results.

Challenges we ran into

Before this idea, we were running into faulty Arduinos and applications that were not downloading correctly. As we started Track Your Snack, we had to adapt to the coding environment of MIT App Inventor. The style was very different and the tools (TinyDB, etc) were unfamiliar at first. Throughout the night, we overcame those challenges and all contributed to the overall project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting over that first speed bump of ideas and submitting at the end of the Hackathon. We stayed the whole night and learned a lot about application development, database interactions, and facts about healthy foods.

What we learned

We learned how to use MIT App Inventor and how to all code together as a team. These skills are very important in the real world, where you do not code alone. We learned how to overcome obstacles; when ideas failed, we rose back up with more ideas and never gave up.

What's next for Track Your Snack

We’d love to make more improvements on the app, such as a better item removal process as well as the ability to personally set percentage goals for healthy foods. We’d love to work with local supermarkets and bring our idea to their customer base to improve the health and happiness of all.

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