There is no doubt that when ringing in a new year, people are making their "New Year New Me" resolutions. Just in 2017 alone, Statistic Brain reports that 46.3% of New Years resolutions were involving maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What it does

Track Yo Self keeps track of your meals, water intake, and daily exercise with a voice activated system, making it easier to record your progress, and to watch you get closer to your goals.

How we built it

We used the Pebble and Nutritionix API and integrated it with a web application for the user to log their calories without having to manually enter it into a type form. We used Django to build a custom API which congregates all of our data sources. HTML, CSS and PHP were used to better cater to the users needs.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first time doing front-end development for Brooke and Christina, and figuring out how each aspect of the design process worked with each other proved to be difficult. Online resources and the help of the teammates helped to get this job done, and it looks awesome to boot!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Brooke and Christina had a successful first crack at front-end development, proving to be challenging but rewarding when things eventually went right! -Getting food items to apply to API functionality! -A first hardware hack for most of the team!

What we learned

Each of us have had a unique learning experience in the past 24 hours. Collectively, we learned how to hack on hardware, integrate different API's with a variety of software tools, using HTML with PHP, and voice to text translation, among many other things.

What's next for Track Yo Self

Our goal is to improve this application by integrating graphs to visually track user progress, and expand our project to mobile application.

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