The solution enables a single integrated view of medical devices in the supply chain. It enables proactive monitoring of incidents to prevent product recalls with Appian's low code dynamic case management capabilities. It leverages block chain for the provenance and authenticity of the devices in the network.

Inspiration was to bring to life and see the business value of a block chain use case, and expedite development with Appian as a low code platform.

How we built it

Collaborated with our block chain team to integrate Appian and hyper ledger on IBM cloud. Worked to figure scenarios where Appian dynamic case management, decisions and rules, AI could be used to weave a story along with block chain building blocks such as a distributed ledger and smart contracts.


Deciding when to use decision rules instead of smart contracts, we ended up using decision rules as it can be configured by business users too! Leveraging mobile to scan the QR code to verify the authenticity of the medical device, for the demo we did a work around for the same.

Whats Next: Enhancing the solution

  1. Extension to drugs as well as medical devices in the pharmaceutical industry
  2. A very user friendly mobile app that can be leveraged by parties that are not in the block chain (such as doctors, patients, regulatory authorities) to validate the authenticity of the device
  3. A more refined AI model for best logistics provider with geography, price also as a part of the model.

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