Need for an open source platform to access daily tracked data from various devices/sensors. Create a system which brings all these commercial wearable's data to a single profile based system, for a easy reference for oneself and for physicians. It would really help the doctors not only by the medical check up at the hospitals, but also with their daily activities. This platform is meant to serve this purpose.

What it does

The work was divided into two parts :

  1. Hardware
  2. Using Bio sensor acquisition device. When the user triggers the acquisition device, it collects the desired bio-medical sensor data and pushes it to the cloud hosted on Intel Edison using MQTT protocol. The server stores the data to the database.
  3. System development
  4. We allow the user to add the data acquired from the hardware above to their profile. The system also allows users to integrate data from various wearable devices like Fitbit, Google Fit, Any other Sensor based data, external api etc. These devices can be added/removed at any time, and latest data can be fetched automatically. This creates a user profile, where in he/she can view there daily progress across devices /sensors on a single portal. A potential functionality of this application is to allow particular super users (in this case, physician or a medical representative) to access the user's data. These super user can access part/whole data based on user's preference and authorization.

How I built it

Software : The system as part of the implementation we built during the ArchHacks 2016 runs on : Web framework: Django Python Api for wearable devices - Fitbit and Hardware based bio sensors. Back end Sqlite

Hardware: Bio medical data acquisition through Arduino. Data login via wireless communication using ESP 8266, the server is hosted on Intel Edison that runs on Yocto Linux.

Challenges I ran into

  1. We tried to access Fitbit data with Python api, but some important functions like get_activity() and get_time_series() are still under live issues or have poor documentation. (Fitbit dev wiki page is not accessible as well.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned working with various Api calls, juggling with methods, data pattern from the sensors , json data

What I learned

  1. Team collaboration
  2. Api and restful services
  3. Health care wearable research
  4. Create reusable views to represent data.

What's next for TRACK MY HEALTH (beta)

Future Scope : To integrate Electronic Health Records and user specific history and medical ICD-9-CM Diagnosis and Procedure Codes.

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