Always we don't have connection to cctv. Let's consider if get unservicable for sometime, or you've moved into your new house and it's not installed yet, or you've been somewhere for few hours or days, but need safety for your essentials. May be you don't have cctv, but want to keep an eye on your child or children, connect a camera with your laptop & use this application easily if anyone entered into house, then when & went out when. Keep track of your child's movement

What it does

This application is able to detect and track people and report direction (going in & out) and time(according to your timezone) of the intruder in your home or somewhere you're present for few hours/days & need safety for your essentials or want to keep an eye on your children.

How we built it

Using OpenCV, Python modules

Challenges we ran into

I was using OpenCV for first time. So I faced some difficulties to launch this fully functional application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I learnt something new & used it to build something

What we learned

OpenCV & obviously time management to work this solo.

What's next for Track Intruder

1) I want to add capture feature when someone passed, so that the user if missed who passed through, can know easily. 2) Add speed capturing feature of intruder to get intension easily.

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