We were inspired by the surrounding community, the slow process of selecting the suspect covid-19 was very able and very quick to spread it to others through contact with friends of each family member, therefore, we created this system which could then be used by related parties to speed up the selection of covid-19 targets for inspection.

What it does

Allowing the authorities to more quickly find out who has the greatest chance of contracting covid-19. By determining the probability of contracting from the trip history, and with whom they had contact or met 20 days ago

How I built it

We make a web-based system using javascript, html5, css, and python script

Challenges I ran into is a system that is very easy to use, users can pass checks directly to indicate the level of possibility of contracting covid-19

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This system will greatly shorten the time of selection of suspects who are infected by covid-19

What I learned

How to create a system that focuses on functionality, and minimizes user experience. is a useful system for obtaining information on the possibility of contracting

What's next for Chain Tracer of Covid-19 Transmission

  • Improve user experience: Make it easier for users to use and improve the efficiency of the system
  • Improves the user interface: Adds features such as the search icon to search for anyone the user knows to be aware of that person based on the likelihood of being infected
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