Inspiration Drawing has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Just 5-10 minutes of drawing can provide the same benefits as meditation, and also helps with child and mental development. With this app Instead of using a real canvas students can draw using the tracer app.

What it does An image is shown on the uppermost part of the screen and on the lower section of the screen, you will have to draw the image that was projected on the uppermost part of the screen .To go to the next level you will have to complete the image and do so to the best of your ability.

How I built it We all wanted a kid friendly app that is also educational, mind building and acts as a destressor. As teenagers we found that drawing can also build personality as well as build one’s confidence . Based on the classes we’ve had over the year the topic of personal health was very impacting so we thought this app w be more successful if we combined health, time and fun.

Challenges I ran into Initially, creating the idea was tough because it was difficult think of something useful, entertaining, and educational/influential to any person. The application of the idea was even harder because we needed to figure what could be used by almost any person with ease of use, lowering stress in a daily life, and finding it entertaining all at the same time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of We of course, are proud of the app in general. We are proud of the finish product because it has met our expectations and can potentially surpass them as well. We are also proud of the ideas we have for the future updates we can have for it because this app is so flexible with implementation of newer ideas while keeping its original format, which keeps it known as the Tracer.

What I learned That this could be an area we might want to work in the future. We also learned that the effects that drawing and relaxation have with the human body is a lot more beneficial than we thought. Drawing can help teach basic motor skills to kids who have yet to learn yet or to those who lost that function through a tragedy, such as paralysis or a stroke. The app can also be used for relaxation or meditation. Such activities can reduce the stress level in a person significantly and lead to a healthier life.

What's next for Tracer App Future versions of the app will include :more images to draw and choose from that will change the experience of the game, seasonal drawings that will be given during holidays and special occasions adding to the gaming experience, Saving drawings to picture library.

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