Due to Covid-19 more than 2 million people who were working as agri-food producers in Spain have lost their potential customers (because of restaurants and hotels closing) and need to find new business opportunities. Generally, these companies don't have the adequate digital infrastructure to offer their products and services to end-users.

What it does

We offer marketing tools in order to engage more precisely and build strong consumer connections. We help agri-food producers develop their storytelling by creating value with relevant and authentic content, ideas and actions.

How I built it

A mobile platform based on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Voice Technology.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges have been

  • to define and focus on that one specific problem we want to solve.
  • to put value on our proposition.
  • to solve tasks in a short time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

TraceMyStory could help more than 2 Million people in Spain working in the agri-food sector to connect easily with end-users and offer them a new business opportunity to keep them from unemployment.

What I learned

It has been a great experience working in an international environment with so many talents. Immensely helpful for us has been to learn how to use Design Thinking tools in order to uncover unexplored business opportunities. Many thanks to our Mentor and Coordinator!

What's next for TraceMyStory

We will be looking for partners and investors to execute our idea.

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