I saw an article about a Japanese man going around the whole Japan to spell out his girlfriend's name for a marriage proposal, and I was curious if I can use Google Maps to make a route that resembles and alphabet.

What it does

The user gets a 3-letter word, and the site will lead to the Google Map website that displays the route that is a shape of the word.

How I built it

We had 3 functions, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, and we made a function for each letter in how to create such a letter using the longitude and attitude of the Google Maps position

Challenges I ran into

Displaying the letter and choosing a right position to successfully spell out the name were the hardest tasks. First,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the project on time.

What I learned

I learned many new programming languages and skills, from Flask to HTML, and since it was our first hackathon project, we were happy about the fact that we were able to finish a big project like this.

What's next for Trace

Trace still needs a lot of improvement. First, the limitation of 3 letters is the biggest challenge, and the accurate shape of the letter using the route can be a very interesting problem.

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