As a USC student, I've already had one bike stolen. Its a real problem around campus.

What it does

With the Trace Lock, you will unlock your bike lock with your fingerprint, and receive text and email updates with the longitude and latitude of your bicycle if the lock has been broken

How we built it

We took a NodeMCU, hooked it up to a Ublox Neo 6m, and programmed it to send the bike's location to our user whenever the circuit between the bike seat and around the bike lock is broken.

Challenges we ran into

Floundering around with Particle's electron for a while was a waste of time, GPS could not get signal indoors, The fingerprint scanner was hard to interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a product that could sell and be profitable, especially at USC

What we learned

This was the first hackathon for everyone in the group except for Avery. We learned a lot about interfacing different components and using a bunch of different tools we had never used before.

What's next for Trace Lock

Look for Angel investors in the LA area to fund our project.


All the code used is in the linked GitHub repository. The submission Arduino file is a part, but not all of the project. There was an issue submitting, zipping, and getting it all in right before the noon deadline.

Built With

  • arduino-uno
  • c-code
  • esp8266
  • fingerprint-scanner
  • node.js
  • ublox-neo-6m
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