A quite similar idea is already implemented in Singapore and an app called "TraceTogether" is launched by the Singapore Government


Contact tracing is a very important part to stop the spread of COVID 19. Specially it's going to be very difficult in highly populated and densely populated countries. Also the governments cannot test blindly because of limited resources. So it's important to know whom to test and who might have got the virus to stop the spread. I want to use a blend of the power of technology, the wide reach of smart phones and most importantly us , the power of people for accurate contact tracing.

What it does

It will be a mobile application. The more people uses it the better it works. Users will just have to download it, fill up some basic contact info and allow location permission. The app will always run in the background and log the location coordinates using Goolge/ Bing or any other map API every 5 mins. The user's contact info and the location trace will be saved in the local device and won't be shared to server immediately to protect user's privacy. So how it works? Now lets say unfortunately one user gets infected by the virus, he/she goes to the medical center and test comes positive. Now the health officials will ask the patient to share his/her location log by clicking a button in the app (image: 3.png). Once the patient gives his/ her consent and clicks the button , the user's travel log for past 14 days (or how many days suggested by experts ) will be pushed to the server. The server will log it to patient database and push this log to each and every registered device in the state/country. The client app then match this log it received to the locally saved travel log. If it finds the user came within 100 meters (or a distance suggested by experts) of the patient at any point of time within last 14 days then it will immediately notify the server and the server will notify health authority with the user's contact details and also it will generate an alert for the user (image: 2.png). Then the health department will contact the vulnerable user(s) and conduct the test and provide necessary assistance. The app will have 4 tabs , as below-

  1. My Alerts (image: 2.png): this will show all the alerts to users on a daily basis.
  2. My Travel History (image: 2.png): Users can see their travel log for every day. Users will be able to share their locations from this tab.

3.Helpline Numbers: This tab will have all the important helpline numbers, like the designated hospital, test facility , heath dept help line number, police number etc. 4.Change My Details: Users can update their contact info here in case there is a change.

How I built it

I could not build it yet due to shortage of time , I just came to know the details of this Hackathon few hours back. But I can build it , getting some team members will also be fantastic. Tech Stack I will stick to the below tech stack-

React Native or even a responsive web app and loading it into a webview container for Android,IOS and Windows phone to quickly build the client app for all OS. Golang in in the server. NodeJS for push notifications/ Azure push notification service if we deploy it on Azure / Firebase. Postgres.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Trace and Save

Need to implement the solution

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