We wanted a way for people to easily track who they have made contact with, and also to be alerted quickly if somebody who they have made contact with recently has contracted COVID.

What it does

Our app allows users to track their location when going outside to places. When somebody contracts COVID, they will notify the app. All users who have recently shared a location with the person newly diagnosed with COVID will be notified.

How I built it

We used React.js and to build a mobile app. We used Firebase to store map data, and we used Google Maps. We also used IBM's API Gateway to create a proxy API for a random number generator.

Challenges I ran into

It was tough getting the IBM cloud to work. We also tried Astra DataStax. Getting those APIs to authenticate and properly use them spent a looot of time, and we ended up scratching most of the stuff we tried.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We think our app visually looks pretty good!

What I learned

Learned how to work better with APIs (even if we didn't really succeed with them, it was a really good experience). Also learned how to be creative with app ideas.

What's next for Trace

We hope to add a couple key features: one would be the ability to track all places where any COVID patient in the world has been (that uses the app). Additionally, a really big feature would be the ability for the app to automatically track user data without the user having to manually tell the app to track a location.

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