Our product “Trahi” is a smart pendant aiming at providing safety to women in cases of emergency. Our product can help you to connect to your dependable ones at the time of crisis via using sensors which can avert a situation which compromises your safety. There are some notable features like: ● Live location sharing: It can transmit the current location via WhatsApp or SMS in order to let your loved ones know where you are. ● SOS button: Pressing the button once will notify your SOS contacts about your whereabouts and pressing the button twice will inform the police for help. ● Trahi Volunteers: Pressing the button thrice will set off an alarm in the phones of the registered volunteers along with the location in 1km radius which in turn will make them reach faster to the victim for help. ● Geofencing: If a change is noticed in a specific route at odd hours that is taken daily and a misroute happens, it would send a notification to your friends so that a mishap can be prevented before it happens because one might not be able to press the button sometimes in the time of crisis. ● Two-way communication: In order to send someone a message in the time of crisis, calling is not an option, this is where you press Trahi for a few seconds to enable continuous audio message transmission which would help in understanding the current scenario of the victim. These messages would be stored in cloud for further investigation purposes. ● Fitness tracker: Since emergencies are not daily occurrences it doubles up as fitness tracker which can be used as your fitness companion. Tracks health vitals such as no of steps walked and distance traveled in a day. Not Just for Women Safety It's not just for women safety it can be used for elderly in case of medical emergency this might be very helpful, also in cases of small children this might provide a better protection when they are going outside of the parent supervision. It can be made in different variant as Ring, Kids Watch, bracelets to blend in to one’s daily life.

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