COVID - 19 has changed our lives. On 31st Dec 2019, when we were celebrating and welcoming 2020, we never imagined that we have to go through such a tough time. Today in US alone, number of infected people have crossed half million and around 1.8 million people all over the globe are suffering.

I read an article in NY times and the heading of which itself was very scary. With a significant gap in increasing number of patients and limited medical supplies, doctors soon will be forced to take a decision about who can get medical help. This is really sad. This is not the world that we imagined 6 months back.

Somehow I kept thinking about this news. This raised number of questions in my head.

  • What if a person is critical and there are not enough medical supplies available in a particular hospital?
  • What if that person needs ventilator and unfortunately that hospital doesn't have it?
  • What if another hospital which just 2 miles away has a ventilator or these life saving supplies?
  • How does this person or hospital know about this availability?
  • Hospitals keep track of their inventory very well but do they know about what is available and what not in a nearby hospital?

In order to solve this problem and contribute to community, I started working on an App which can track inventory of these essential supplies across the boundaries of hospitals.

What it does

This app can currently do below -

  • Register your hospital and manage inventory of Essential supplies with a very simple UI
  • Currently I am supporting 6 categories which are mostly required for COVID-19 (ICU Beds, Ventilators, Respirators, Blood supply, COVID Test Kits, PPEs)
  • Integrated with Google maps to get directions to hospital
  • Request and donate personal protection equipment and other supplies

How I built it

I built it using Flutter with Firebase as back end

What's next for Traack

I will keep enhancing this mobile app and planning to add below features

  • Using machine learning to predict the requirement of supplies
  • Planning to see if I can use IoT to detect if PPE / service is getting used or available

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