Tired of doing so poorly on various school subjects due to "Faulty equipment" and not due to not studying, the inspiration for a calculator to "help" your worst enemies.

What it does

This caculator has been reverse enginered to get input from the user like a regular calculator however this input may have been corrupted.

How we built it

After taking apart a fx-300ES PLUS calculator and reverse engineering it into the new and "improved" version

Challenges we ran into

lost track of materials and seeing how the circuit board works caused issues with casing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the a fun and simple prank that works for all ages and is practical to use in day to day situations

What we learned

Learned a lot on PCB and how the wirin g works

What's next for Tra1t0r Ca1cu1at0r

Make many vrsions and spread like a virus

Built With

  • casio-fx-300es-plus
  • pcb
  • screwdriver
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