Our project took on the issue of the convoluted, yet monolithic, TPP dataset: we aimed to abstract key data and visualise it in a clear, streamlined fashion, for a doctor's use. Thus, a doctor could seamlessly view a patient's past medical history, simply through searching for the patient's name. The data has also been categorised depending on the way the statistic was found: for example, through an observation or encounter. Several analysis features have also been implemented: calcium, cholesterol and sodium levels are compared with the masses (in the case, the dataset given) and if they fall lower than second percentile, or higher than the ninety-eighth, it is flagged upon doctor's viewing. There is additionally a separate page which illustrates this graphically, regardless of where one falls in the data. Overall, we hoped to have streamlined the interface between a doctor and his patient's past, whilst illuminating any issues, or potential ones, as well.

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