Store windows are mostly analog and we decided to change the world of retail with making them interactive. We have a team member that is 10 years old, so we built fun solution that primary target kids.

What it does

Our solution detects presence of person in front of store window and displays predefined 3d model on top of that person in augmented reality. Interactive store window utilise emotion detection with artificial intelligence and it can react to user emotion by changing the look of 3d model. Since our main target are kids, our demo show Playmobil figure which will react to smile and anger emotions. We built backend administration panel that can control store window and connected it to the Content Pool API in order to get news related to this product. Results we get from API are scored with sentiment analysis and displayed to administrator which can pick what news will be displayed on top of the screen, this way we make sure only appropriate and positive news are displayed.

How we built it

Interactive store window is built with Unity 3d and display screen is controlled via 2 iPhone apps: one app is in charge of recognising user emotions with power of artificial intelligence and other app controls user detection and augmented reality rendering. Backend panel is used to select product you would like to promote on it and what news you want to display, all news are scored with sentiment analysis.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of whole solution since we found it really interesting and fun to work on and result was amazing.

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