Owning an electric-powered future machine is a huge hassle, but we can still take steps to make our gas guzzler more environmentally conscious.

What it does

  • The application helps reduce your vehicle's carbon footprint by analyzing your the telemetry data and suggesting recommendations.
  • A voice based assistant not only helps in finding the nearest POI but also helps control your vehicles air conditioning system.
  • Shows a summary of your recent trips on Map.
  • Shows other riders heading to same direction that are open for carpooling.

How I built it

  • The data from the sensors is fed to the analytics pipeline which is hosted on a server.
  • The application reads the suggestions off the server to provide insights.
  • The voice assistant relays information to the server and then to the sensors.

Challenges I ran into

  • Integrating the data visualizations into the application and get them to interact dynamically.
  • Using the Google Voice Assistant to understand the context of custom parameters like A/C Fan Levels, etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The voice assistant is context aware.
  • Live view of data that is collected from the sensors.
  • Drill down of data to provide in depth analysis.

What's next for Toyota Connected

  • Connect to other users of the app to get carpooling suggestions and help save the planet.
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