Description Why this ❓

People starting as private Tutor facing difficulty in getting students(current process is by setting a WhatsApp status that you are ready to teach or Advertising in A4 size paper and polluting walls)

Small Institutes facing Difficulty in Scaling and getting more students

Students facing difficulty for Searching Good local coaching classes for Studies/Arts/Extra curriculars, and end up joining coaching kilometers away wasting time to travel.

Whom and How it will benefit ❓

Students new to places or searching new Tuitions

Housewife's starting career

Employees that have lost their jobs

Major Benefits During Pandemic.

Most of the Private tuitions or Institutes switched to online mode during this pandemic they face difficulty at different levels like meeting platform, Exam and Test Platform, collaborative learning Board. ⚡Features Uses Pincode to search the Coaching/Private tutor Services available nearby

Student and Teachers/Institutes can Register on our Platform.

Teachers/Institutes can built their Profile which can help them Standout(Photos/previous Achievements/Teacher Profile/Education history).

Student can attend google meet/Zoom according to the schedule inbuilt in the App itself (Under construction).

Teachers can evaluate the progress of students by taking Online Quizzes in the App itself (under construction).

Student and teachers can communicate via chat services (under construction)

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