You know the cups-and-string game when we were little? When we made "telephones" from 2 cups and a string? This is just that - a simple app that let's you pair up (anonymoulsy) with someone you love and send eachother TOY's (Thinking of You's).

This was a project built for Meteor Hackathon but unfortunately I misunderstood the deadline and didn't get to submit it in time :(

What it does

Lets you start by making a secret avatar and inviting someone to connect. Or lets you start by entering a code recieved by email from someone that already uses the app.

How I built it

Well, it was quite simple using Meteor...

Challenges I ran into

None so far.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It seems to be working! I tested it only on web clients, since the app is not submitted yet to the Apple Appstore.

What's next for TOY (Thinking of You)

Design, Push notifications.

Built With

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