toxicSlayar – Augmented reality layer (iPhone App) that displays the EPA database of Toxic Release Inventory (2009) from thousands of US facilities, by toxic chemical, by pound and by source. Want to know what toxic chemicals are being released into the environment around you? Using toxicSlayer you can hold up your iPhone and see which Toxic Chemicals were released around you last year, by which companies, and in what amounts.

·       Complete set of 2009 EPA Toxic Release Inventory ·       Augmented reality view: visualize chemical releasers in your immediate vacinity ·       Map view, geolocated to your location ·       Google Map view ·       Over 600 chemicals reported ·       Thousands of facilities nationwide ·       Wikipedia links to all chemicals   This app was created at the first CleanWeb Hackathon. Submitted and available soon (upon approval) from the Apple iTunes Store at:

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